Performance optimization & Energy Management System

Azane is pleased to offer Ethos, Star Refrigeration’s award-winning energy optimization & energy management system, as a standard component to every Azanechiller 2.0 and Azanefreezer 2.0. Ethos is unique as it combines the left brain work (data acquisition) with the right brain work (knowing how to leverage the data to actually save energy) the latter of which is commonly the missing piece in energy saving efforts. End users will now have the opportunity to activate Ethos to receive valuable recommendations for cost saving actions via a live web-based dashboard without any additional hardware costs. Additionally, Ethos can be retrofitted to existing inefficient systems to improve performance at legacy facilities.

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Maintaining control of your energy spending

Ethos means you stay in control of your energy efficiency by keeping the spotlight
on energy once the plant is up and running.

Energy Savings

Ethos’ approach to saving energy is simple. By measuring the gap between expected performance and actual performance, Ethos clearly identifies corrective actions to reduce the gap. Furthermore, Ethos prioritizes corrective actions to address the largest gaps first.  This helps direct energy spending budgets toward projects with the quickest payback—saving plant owners thousands of dollars in electricity bills.

Further, engineering resources are saved and able to be allocated elsewhere since Ethos keeps a close eye on the system. Engineering simply has to review the dashboard and implement any recommendations. Typically on existing plants, immediate savings between 10-30% are within reach with little associated costs.

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Web Portal Dashboard

The dashboard web portal provides highly secure access for Azane’s energy engineers and the client to view live data, develop performance benchmarks, and understand opportunities to continuously improve performance.

The user-friendly dashboard provides up-to-date, jargon-free, helpful reports to quickly and clearly identify deficiencies using an intuitive red, amber, and green report. Azane’s dedicated energy experts provide additional interpretation of the data using real world equipment datasheets and refrigerant properties to validate physical system improvements.

The Ethos dashboard can also distribute auto-generated email and can be accessed via PC or smart device anywhere.

Where to use Ethos

Ethos hardware now comes standard in every Azane refrigeration package. It may also be applied separately to any other new refrigeration or HVAC system. Ethos can also be retrofitted to old equipment to validate utility incentives or to simply achieve the lowest operating costs for an existing facility.

Who we are

In this age of the internet of things, Star Refrigeration has for some time recognized the importance of data, but more importantly, corrective action guided by data. It is for this reason we invested in using real time data for the optimization of refrigeration plants.

Drawing on Star Refrigeration’s 50+ years of industry experience, a separate business unit, Star Data Analytics (SDA), operates to fill a gap in the market for strategic insight data services. A team of award-winning senior refrigeration consultants, field technicians, and software engineers joined efforts to develop Ethos, a one-of-a-kind custom data-driven analysis software. The performance optimization provided by Ethos energy management system finds ways for end users to reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions.

Why we do it

Ethos will reduce your energy consumption and provide the answer to questions such as: “What is my actual plant load? What is my actual system capacity and efficiency?  Is my system running how the designer intended?”  Many users have set internal energy reduction goals or have made public agreements to achieve timely milestones toward net zero.  Ethos is a tool to not only measure this progress, but also achieve the goal!


For full details on plant monitoring and potential energy savings, download our brochure.

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