Azanefreezer 2.0

Air-cooled, low charge ammonia condensing units.

The natural choice for low temperature storage and blast freezing.
The Azanefreezer range of air cooled low charge ammonia condensing units have been designed to meet the environmental and legislative challenges facing users of temperature controlled storage facilities.

The Azanefreezer is ideally suited to, R22 system replacement, new build cold storage and extension of existing cold storage facilities.

Ammonia - The Natural Choice

Azane’s Azanefreezer range of air-cooled ammonia packaged condensing units have been uniquely designed for the cold storage industry to meet challenges faced by warehouse operators in the ever-changing food markets.


  • Flexibility for roof or ground installations
  • Eliminates need for machinery room and associated costs
  • Eliminates costs for water usage, disposal and treatment
  • Ability for dual-temperature operation (frozen or chill)
  • Easily relocated on site or to different sites as cooling needs change
  • kWh/cu.ft. efficiencies far exceed “best practice”
  • No valves required in the cold store–all valves at the package.
  • No hot gas valve stations
  • No roof access required
  • Multiple efficiency measures including reverse-cycle defrost, floating head & suction, EC condenser fan motors, optimized controls, economizing, liquid overfeed, automatic purger, etc.
  • Very low charge ammonia – typically less than 5lb/TR


The air-cooled range of Azanefreezers are complete refrigeration systems housed in one unit with separate ceiling mounted evaporators arranged for efficient reverse cycle defrost. Each Azanefreezer comprises of two open screw type compressors, a vertical oil separator, a low pressure receiver, a plate and shell economiser, a plate and shell subcooler, an air-cooled condenser utilizing EC fan technology and a stainless (UL508a) electrical control panel assembled onto a common fabricated steel frame. All interconnecting pipework, valves and wiring are included as part of the complete package.


High Efficiency Screw Compressor

Designed for industrial installations, the Grasso M Series screw compressor offers the following benefits:

  • High efficiency and industrial reliability
  • Variable Vi enables stepless capacity between 10% – 100%
  • Economized operation for increased volume flow and efficiency
  • Mechanical shaft seal suction side mounted for extended life
  • High quality axial bearings designed for simple maintenance and service
  • Flanged motor coupling avoiding costly compressor alignment
  • Compact design

The compressors are located for easy maintenance access.

Low Pressure Receiver

High Efficiency Condenser

The Azanefreezer’s low charge, low pressure receiver (LPR) offers the following advantages over systems operating with pumped circulation, gravity feed or DX technology.

  • The LPR protects the compressor from liquid return and the integrated subcooler drives a liquid overfeed in the evaporators for maximum efficiency.
  • LPR system is optimally charged and operates with a high side liquid control ensuring minimum ammonia charges to meet the cooling duty.
  • The LPR subcooler avoids the need for a liquid pump to achieve efficient evaporator overfeed.
  • The LPR design ensures that the discharge pressure can be operated at lower conditions than that of conventional direct expansion and pump circulation systems.
  • The LPR system allows for a 2-pipe design (ammonia supply and return) with smaller pipe diameters to reduce the ammonia charge even more.
  • The LPR system eliminates the need for a wasteful superheat zone within the evaporator ensuring closer approaches between the refrigerant evaporating temperature and outlet air temperature.

All air-cooled Azanefreezers are fitted with low noise, variable speed fans to maximize system efficiency at part load conditions. Fan speed varies depending on ambient temperature and condensing pressure. As fan power is proportional to the cube of the speed, a 20% speed reduction reduces power by circa 50%.  The condensers are stainless tube and epoxy-coated aluminum fin for long-life.  The internal volume on the condensers is large to minimize the impact of any non-condensable gases.  Furthermore, the Azanefreezer is equipped with an automatic puger to remove any non-condensable gases ensuring the condenser is as efficient in year 20 as it was in year 1.


For full details including operating temperatures and energy usage, download our latest product brochure.

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